Update to the porcini phylogeny

The students in BIOL1625 lab course at the University of Utah added some ITS sequences of porcini that were not included in the BIOL5425 class results, so I’ve updated the tree with these new data. I used MAFFT (L-INS-i) again, divided the multiple sequence alignment into ITS1, 5.8S, and ITS2 regions, used partition finder in IQ-TREE with the edge-unlinked partition model to identify the best partitioning scheme and model (-sp & -m MF+MERGE), then ran a ML analysis with the best partitioning scheme and edge-unlinked partition model and ultrafast bootstrapping (1000 replicates) with resampling of partitions and sites (-bb 1000 -bsam GENESITE). The tree is rooted with Buchwaldoboletus hemichrysus again and I’ve collapsed nodes to simplify the display. All sequences derived from citizen scientist contributions (beginning with the MO#) are preserved in black and have both the Mushroom Observer ID (MO######) and the Utah fungarium accession (UTM######) in the label. I also color-coded the species labels according to geography: North & Central America (blue), Asia (green), Europe (red), Madagascar (yellow), and Australia & New Zealand (turquoise). Boletus edulis is magenta because it spans North America and Eurasia as it is currently circumscribed.




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